Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I moved...

The last few months have been a little stressful.  During the week I was putting in 12-16 hour days and on the weekends I was flying to my new lab. Or I would work on the weekend so I could take some time during the week to do a recruiting event, meet with a student, talk to a collaborator, etc. It's been an insane few months capped by eventually moving my life to my new city. My spouse told me to just hand off tasks and be done, but my thought is leaving a good taste will only increase the possibility of my old company wanting to fund my new research. In the past months I've had a ton of post ideas I've written down and I do plan to post them soon since life is beginning to calm ever so slightly. There's this quote used in House of Cards about the wind blowing the hardest the closer to the top you climb. I feel like I summited. Left with my name not sullied or damaged. But it's kind of a false summit (hikers out there know what I'm talking about) because I see this new mountain and at the top the flag looks like it says "tenure" but my visibility in these goggles is pretty bad.  

I plan to have two more posts related to what I'll miss about industry and look forward to in academics and start up a new blog. I'll keep my name: 1. Because I'm lazy and 2. Because my industry experience has shapes me more than anything I've done so far. Students are already lining up asking me everything they can about successful in a medical engineering field and they all talk about how they're so excited to have someone that's "made things inside of people".  

This move has been absolutely crazy: finding a renter (we don't want to sell yet), packing all of our crap, hiring new people in my old group, planning out budgets, transitioning knowledge and planning to the new guard, buying a house, moving everything, and a ton of smaller things that add up.  And there are plenty of stories to tell. You'll be seeing a few last posts and I'll talk about my new digs in the upcoming week!

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