Friday, July 11, 2014

Life is less busy

I had a post a little while back about how busy life has been. I've noticed that it seems awfully quiet right now and I'm embracing it.  Though I'm noticing things are just about to pick up.  It's a little too quiet right a zombie movie before the heroes get ripped apart.  I love spending more time with friends and going on long walks, or watching some television.

There's two approaches I'm debating in my head:
1.  Embrace this totally and wait until crap hits the fan to get busy again,
2.  Take this time to get everything of mine in order and prepare for the next crap-storm.

I'm rolling with the first one.  It totally sucks to be on-edge, and I just want to clear things out.  I've got a nice vacation coming up.  I'd like to think that the average stress level ends up less if I handle a lot at once instead of a steady state of stress.  I was never a boy or girl scout so being prepared just isn't part of me.  For now, I'll start writing up a few blog posts and recover some of my natural-colored hair...leaving the grays as a distant memory.  Sit by the beach more frequently than not, watch some movies, hike a little, play some games, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......relaxation......for now.......

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